The Hidden History of the Greater Miami Youth Symphony

By Sharon K. Higgins

The History

The Music:

Christmas 1959 Youth Festival Concert by The All-Miami Youth Symphony; Robert Strassburg, Conductor

All-Miami Youth Symphony 1967-68; Philip H. Fink, Conductor

All-Miami Youth Symphony Repertoire 1958-1961

All-Miami Youth Symphony Repertoire 1967-1971

All-Miami Youth Symphony Conductors 1958-1972


Supplemental Material:

Letter to Tony Fernandez, President, Executive Board, Greater Miami Youth Symphony - January 5, 2003 (PDF, 5.7 MB)

Statement to Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Greater Miami Youth Symphony - March 12, 2003
"How the All-Miami Youth Symphony Became the Greater Miami Youth Symphony" (PDF, 31.7 MB)